Creating Possibilities

A Message from the President

Ecstatic! ... Without the funding of the ASHFoundation I could not have carried on my work. It really jump-started my career as an independent researcher. ... Triumph!  These are the words Chaleece Sandberg used to describe how she felt to receive her ASHFoundation Research Grant a few years ago.

I feel "elated" and "inspired" when I reflect upon what Chaleece's  ASHFoundation award has achieved and promises to fulfill—for Chaleece and for those who benefit from her work. Chaleece is studying brain changes after language treatment for individuals with aphasia. She hopes to improve outcomes and quality of life for individuals dealing with language impairments caused by stroke or traumatic brain injury (please take a moment to read her story.)

Yet, Chaleece is just one of more than 2,100 innovators whom the ASHFoundation has funded. Award recipients are exploring exciting ideas, expanding our knowledge base through discovery, and developing new strategies and solutions to change the lives of individuals dealing with hearing, balance, speech, language, and swallowing disorders.

Allan Diefendorf

I keep coming back to my feelings describing Chaleece’s triumph..."elated"..."inspired." They fit perfectly when I think about donors who made funding possible for aspiring students and investigators. As donors, we share in Chaleece's triumph. We share in the accomplishments of every award recipient. And, we share in the success of those who receive our services and whose lives are impacted by ASHFoundation’s transformative work.  

I also feel gratified—more than $9.2 million in funding has been awarded to spark innovation. Yet, we have so much more to do. Every year many promising proposals and stellar scholarship applications go unfunded. We can change that.  With your support, we can change it now!  

We have just entered 2018. Imagine with me a 2020 Vision—a vision for the near future—a perfect vision of possibilities for enhancing people's lives. 

2020 Vision of Possibility

  • Donations to the ASHFoundation increase by 3%.
    • If you gave a gift last year, could you consider increasing your gift this year?
    • If you have donated in the past, but missed giving last year, will you rejoin us this year?
  • Number of people who donate to the ASHFoundation increases by 4%.
    • If you have never given before, will you join us this year?
    • If you are a donor, will you tell a colleague about the ASHFoundation and encourage them to join?
  • Funding awards increase by 3%.

If we work together to achieve the first two goals, this final goal can be realized! This vision represents milestones and metrics that the Board of Trustees accepted recently to benchmark the success and effectiveness of the ASHFoundation over the next several years. Reaching these goals expands our ability to support more innovators and spark greater innovation and you are vital to this purpose.

We cannot achieve these goals without you.  Your support impacts our awards directly and facilitates the scholarship and growth of our discipline.  

Become a part of our 2020 Vision, and experience Chaleece's triumph!