2023 ASHFoundation Awards and Honorees

ASHFoundation Awards $825,000 to 79 Innovators

November 13, 2023

Frank R. Kleffner Lifetime Clinical Career Award

Karen Golding-Kushner
Speech-Language Pathologist and Owner
The Golding-Kushner Speech Center, LLC
Golding-Kushner Consulting, LLC
East Brunswick, NJ

Louis M. DiCarlo Award for Recent Clinical Achievement

Awarded $2,500

Elissa Larkin
Speech-Language Pathologist and Bioethicist
Shirley Ryan AbilityLab
Chicago, IL

Rolland J. Van Hattum Award for Contribution in the Schools

Awarded $2,000; School system awarded $500

Iván Campos
Program Specialist
Desert Mountain Special Education Local Plan Area
San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools
Loma Linda, CA

State Clinical Achievement Awards

Adam Lloyd
University of Miami

Elissa Larkin
Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

Amy LeBert
University of Southern Mississippi

New Jersey
Catherine Fredericks
Communicom, Inc.

South Dakota
Shelly Grinde
University of South Dakota

Spirit of Philanthropy Award

Lesley B. Olswang
Professor Emeritus
University of Washington
Seattle, WA

Clinical Research Grants

Awarded $50,000 – $75,000

Marziye Eshghi
Assistant Professor, MGH Institute of Health Professions; Harvard Medical School
Proposal: Alterations in Dynamic Properties of the Speech Motor Circuit as Early Biomarkers of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) Pathology

Robert Brinton Fujiki
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Proposal: Developing a Pediatric Auditory-Perceptual Voice Assessment

Kenneth Morse
Assistant Professor, West Virginia University
Proposal: Tinnitus-Related Decreased Inhibitory and Increased Excitatory Auditory Neural Function Across Discrete Central Auditory Nervous System Frequency Regions

Beate Peter
Associate Professor, Arizona State University
Proposal: Babble Boot Camp for Infants With Down Syndrome: Improving Speech and Language Outcomes via a Proactive, Parent-led Intervention

Jasleen Singh
Postdoctoral Scholar, Northwestern University
Proposal: The Influence of the Drug Facts Label on Self-Determination of Candidacy for Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

New Century Scholars Research Grants

Awarded $25,000 each

Danielle Brimo
Associate Professor, Texas Christian University
Proposal: The Development of an Explicit Grammar Assessment from a National Sample of Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Students

Abigail Delehanty
Assistant Professor, Duquesne University
Proposal: Promoting Early Identification of Speech Motor Delays in Autistic Toddlers Using a Novel Clinical Assessment

Monique Mills
Associate Professor, University of Houston
Proposal: Listening and Learning in a Second Dialect: An Eye-Tracking Study

Elizabeth Heller Murray
Assistant Professor, Temple University
Proposal: Investigating Barriers to Implementing Pediatric Voice Therapy in the Schools

Viral Tejani
Assistant Professor, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
Senior Clinical Research Audiologist, Case Western Reserve University
Proposal: Impact of Electrode Array Type on Electrophysiological Measures of Spatial Resolution and Temporal Encoding

New Investigators Research Grants

Awarded $10,000 each

Mariana Mendes Bahia
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Northwestern University
Proposal: Cortical Activity and Respiratory-Swallowing Coordination in Post-Stroke Survivors With Dysphagia

Margaret Cychosz
Assistant Professor, University of California, Los Angeles
Proposal: The Impact of Cochlear Implant Device Limitations on Preschoolers’ Real-Time Phonological Processing Skills

Katelyn Kotlarek
Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming
Proposal: Perceptual and Acoustic Characteristics of Nasal Coupling in Children

Arianna LaCroix
Assistant Professor, Purdue University
Proposal: Investigating Music Listening as a Mechanism to Improve Attention and Language in Aphasia

Emily Morrow
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Proposal: Development of Ecological Momentary Intervention for Word Learning in Adults With Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury

Mona Oster
Education and Research Director, Listen and Talk
Research Associate, Western Washington University
Proposal: Development of Voice Emotion Perception in 3- to 5-Year-Old Children With Hearing Loss

Danika Pfeiffer
Assistant Professor, Old Dominion University
Proposal: Emergent Writing Profiles of Preschoolers With Developmental Language Disorder

Lois Bloom Language Development Research Fund

Jessica Riccardi
Assistant Professor, University of Maine
Proposal: Fatigue, Social Communication and Participation After Childhood Traumatic Brain Injury

Juliana Ronderos
Postdoctoral Fellow, Boston University
Proposal: The Role of Parental Factors in Predicting Language Abilities Among Spanish-English Bilingual Children

Anumitha Venkatraman
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Proposal: Creating a Model to Redefine the Relationship Between Psychosocial Stress and Voice Physiology Through Microbiology and Molecular Biology Lenses

Student Research Grants in Audiology

Ira M. Ventry and Brad W. Friedrich Memorial Funds
Awarded $2,000

Serena Helman
AuD Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mentor: G. Nike Gnananteja
Proposal: Evaluating the Importance of the Timescale of Fine Structure of Speech That is Important for Intelligibility in Difficult Listening Situations

Haiping Huang
PhD Candidate, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Mentor: Erin Picou
Proposal: Listening Effort: Integrating Cognition With Emotion

Talia Mango
AuD Candidate, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Mentor: Julia Drouin
Proposal: Perceptual Learning of Speech

Student Research Grants in Early Childhood Language Development

Arlene M. and Noel D. Matkin Memorial Fund
Awarded $2,000 each

Diana Lucia Abarca
PhD Candidate, Florida State University
Mentor: Mollie Romano
Proposal: Supporting Early Intervention Providers to Work With Families of Marginalized Backgrounds Through Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: A Mixed Methods Study

Olivia Boorom
PhD Candidate, University of Kansas
Mentor: Nancy Brady
Proposal: Understanding How Caregiver Behavior Shapes Reciprocal Communication in Nonspeaking Autistic Children

Savanna Brittlebank-Douglas
PhD Candidate, The Pennsylvania State University
Mentor: Janice Light
Proposal: Parent Tele-Training to Support Language Development Outcomes in Young Children With Multiple Disabilities

Emily Jackson
PhD Candidate, University of Connecticut
Mentor: Bernard Grela
Proposal: Exploring Parental Ethnotheories Related to Early Childhood Language Development, Disorders, and Interventions

New Century Scholars Doctoral Scholarships

Awarded $10,000 each

Julianne Alexander
Indiana University
Area of Study: Neuroscience and Aphasia

Savanna Brittlebank-Douglas
The Pennsylvania State University
Area of Study: Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Arynn Byrd
University of Maryland, College Park
Area of Study: Dialect Variation; Language Processing and Listening Comprehension in Children

Erin Carpenter
Boston University
Area of Study: Bilingual Aphasia

Marianne Casilio
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Area of Study: Aphasia, Stroke Recovery, and Language Neuroscience

Melissa Feller
MGH Institute of Health Professions
Area of Study: Oral and Written Language Relationships; Reading Disabilities in Multilingual Learners

Elizabeth Hary
University of Pittsburgh
Area of Study: Voice Disorders and Laryngeal Biology

Maryann Krasko
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Area of Study: Onset and Pathogenesis of Parkinson Disease

Devan Lander
The Ohio State University
Area of Study: Speech Perception, Cognition, and the Auditory System in Adulthood

Wayne and Marilyn Olsen Audiology Research Fund

Amanda Mahoney
University of Pittsburgh
Area of Study: Infant Feeding and Swallowing

Naomi Nattress
University of New Mexico
Area of Study: Augmentative and Alternative Communication; Assessment and Intervention for Multiple Impairments

Michael Scimeca
Boston University
Area of Study: Aphasia; Bilingual Aphasia

Anna Serrichio
The Pennsylvania State University
Area of Study: Neuroscience; Language and Cognition in Aphasia

Emily Wang
New York University
Area of Study: Speech Motor Control and Development Across the Lifespan

Brett Welch
University of Pittsburgh
Area of Study: Voice and Psychology

Graduate Student Scholarships

Awarded $5,000 each

Esprit-Ange Andraos
MS Candidate, Northeastern University

Alma Basco
AuD Candidate, University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus

Adrián Castillo-Allendes
PhD Candidate, Michigan State University

Linh Dang
MA Candidate, San Diego State University

Allison Duplain
AuD Candidate, University of Iowa

Katie Esser
AuD Candidate, Towson University

Dewitt Fortenberry
MA Candidate, Temple University

Farha Najah Hussain
PhD Candidate, New York University

Eunice Kim
MS Candidate, Southern Connecticut State University

Izabelle Pinzon
MS Candidate, Northwestern University

Elizabeth Shilling
MA Candidate, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Madison Tessler
MS Candidate, Columbia University

Amanda Tolen
AuD Candidate, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Noam Waisbrod
MS Candidate, Hunter College

Isabel Wells
MS Candidate, Purdue University Fort Wayne

Stefani Woll
MA Candidate, San Diego State University

International Student Scholarships

Kala Singh Memorial Fund
Awarded $5,000 each

Sara Inayat
MS Candidate, Radford University

Hannah Eunice Obrique
MS Candidate, California State University, East Bay

Seyma Yalcinkaya
AuD/PhD Candidate, Gallaudet University

Minority Student Scholarships

Minority Scholarship Fund
Awarded $5,000 each

Elizabeth Cooke
AuD Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Aimee Pina
MS Candidate, Gallaudet University

Hannah Tran
MS Candidate, Gallaudet University

NSSLHA Scholarships

NSSLHA Scholarship Fund
Awarded $5,000 each

Ryan Klingensmith
MS Candidate, The Pennsylvania State University

Lauren Michaud
MS Candidate, James Madison University

Alyssa Pasta
AuD Candidate, University of Maryland, College Park

ASHA Research Conferences Travel Grants

Affiliation at time of award.

Kelsey Klein
Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Thea Knowles
Assistant Professor, Michigan State University

Maureen Shader
Assistant Professor, Purdue University

Kaila Stipancic
Postdoctoral Fellow, University at Buffalo