Nancy J. Minghetti, 2022 ASHA Honors Statement

December 14, 2022

During the 2022 ASHA Convention New Orleans, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) presented Nancy J. Minghetti, who recently retired after leading the ASHFoundation for 26 years, with the Honors of the Association. Below is her official statement.

“To have served the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation for the greater majority of my career has been the honor of a lifetime. Receiving the ASHA Honors is an extraordinary recognition for the work I love and especially meaningful. It means more than I can ever express.

My accomplishments are not mine alone, but represent the collective synergy of many. I am deeply grateful for the privilege of collaborating with so many brilliant and dedicated colleagues --- boards, staff, donors, awardees, volunteers. My heart is filled with special appreciation for my loving family, friends, and mentors who have generously and enthusiastically supported me throughout my journey. I celebrate all of you. 

How do I feel about our work that ultimately aims to change the lives of others for the better? Inspired, transformed, proud, joyful, and yes, grateful again!

Reflecting on what it means to support innovators and spark innovation, I have had a remarkable opportunity to give energy to the dreams of founding visionaries and to the promise of future generations in our discipline. Surely, the spark that we have lit together is the legacy that will light the way for years to come.”

Nancy J. Minghetti