ASHFoundation Legacy Leaders – The Wendell Johnson Society Gets a New Name

November 5, 2018

ASHFoundation Legacy Leaders
The Wendell Johnson Society Gets a New Name

The ASHFoundation’s Board of Trustees recently announced a name change for its planned giving program. "We believe Legacy Leaders reflects the purpose of a planned gift and also increases recognition for this important, sustaining gift-giving opportunity," said ASHFoundation president, Allan Diefendorf.

More than 30 people have planned a gift to the ASHFoundation through their will or other mechanism. This forward-thinking group of legacy donors have considered the kind of life they want to live, the kind of world they want to live in, and importantly, the life they wish for future generations of our professionals. The future gifts they have planned offer sustaining support for the long-term future of the ASHFoundation and help guarantee that future generations of innovators in the communication sciences will have the support and resources they need to explore exciting ideas, expand our knowledge base through innovation and discovery, and change the lives of people living with communication disorders.

"We hope that by using the word “legacy’ in the planned giving recognition title, our donors will immediately know the type of donor opportunity this is. So many of people tell us that they don’t spend as much time thinking about their legacy as they wish." said Tom Campbell, ASHFoundation past president. "But they do feel captivated by the idea of leaving behind something that will benefit their professional organization and the people they serve."

Thank You ASHFoundation Legacy Leaders – for promising a bright ASHFoundation future!

Join our Legacy Leaders – Legacy Gifts Benefit You

  • Our Legacy Leaders receive special recognition, are invited to exclusive events, and can enjoy tax savings.
  • Naming the ASHFoundation a beneficiary of a retirement plan or an insurance policy is one of the easiest ways to leave a legacy.
  • Including the ASHFoundaiton in your will has no impact on your cash flow. It allows flexibility to leave a certain sum of money, a percentage of your estate, or all or part of what remains after other commitments have been satisfied. And it may help avoid estate taxes.

Call us at 301-296-8704 to discuss your options or see information on a variety of legacy gift models.