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Clinical Research Grant Recipients

These $50,000–$75,000 Clinical Research Grants support scientists with a research doctorate within the discipline of communication sciences and disorders to support investigations that will advance knowledge of the efficacy of treatment and assessment practices. Funding is available for mentored treatment research, independent treatment research, or collaborative treatment research as specified in grant guidelines.


Awarded $75,000 each

Byun_2016_CRGTara McAllister Byun
Assistant Professor
New York University
"staRt: Mobile-Delivered Biofeedback Intervention for Residual Speech Errors"

Shafiro_2016_CRGValeriy Shafiro
Associate Professor
Rush University Medical Center
"A Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Benefits of an Internet-Based Auditory Training Program for Cochlear Implant Patients"

Walker_2016_CRGElizabeth Walker
Assistant Professor
University of Iowa
"Investigating Links Between Non-Linguistic Learning Processes and Grammar Skills in Children With Cochlear Implants"

Awarded $50,000 each

Behrman_2016_CRGAlison Behrman
Assistant Professor
City University of New York
"The Clear-Speech Benefit in Spanish-Accented Speakers of American English"

Chenausky_2016_CRGKaren V. Chenausky
Postdoctoral Researcher
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 
"Identifying Signs of Childhood Apraxia of Speech in Minimally Verbal Children With Autism" 


Awarded $75,000 each

2014_Chang_CRGSoo-Eun Chang
Assistant Professor
University of Michigan
"Enhancing Speech Motor Function in Stuttering Speakers with Neuromodulation: A tDCS Study"

2014_Humbert_CRGIanessa A. Humbert
Assistant Professor
Johns Hopkins University
"Creating Swallowing Physiologists by Applying Physiology to Clinical Decision-Making"

2014_Vallino_CRGLinda D. Vallino
Head, Craniofacial Outcomes Research Laboratory
Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children
"Automating Speech Intelligibility Assessment in Children with Cleft Palate"

Awarded $50,000

2014_Sohlberg_CRGMcKay M. Sohlberg
Full Professor/Director of Communication Disorders Sciences
University of Oregon
"eGAS, Integrating Goal Attainment Scaling and Motivational Interviewing into a Functional Outcome Measure for Use in the Treatment of Cognitive-Communication Deficits"


Awarded $75,000 each

2013_Dunn_CRGAndrea Dunn
Assistant Professor
Vanderbilt University
"Speech Identification in Children Using Frequency-Compression Hearing Aids"

2013_vanLeer_CRGEva van Leer
Assistant Professor
Georgia State University
"Efficacy of an Interactive Mobile iOS Application for Improving Voice Therapy Outcomes"

2013_Zebrowski_CRGPatricia Zebrowski
University of Iowa
"Applying the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change to Stuttering Management Among Adolescents"


Awarded $75,000 each

2012 Baylor - CRGCarolyn Baylor
Acting Assistant Professor
University of Washington
"Validating the Communicative Participation Item Bank for the Aphasia Population"

2012 OwenVanHorne - CRGAmanda Owen Van Horne
Assistant Professor
University of Iowa 
"Manipulating Stimulus Properties to Promote Past Tense Generalization in Children with Specific Language Impairment"

Awarded $50,000 each

2012 Gingrich - CRGLaura Gingrich
Postdoctoral Fellow
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago 
"Lingual Training in Parkinson's Disease: Implications for Dysphagia Rehabilitation"

2012 Poling - CRGGayla Poling
Postdoctoral Fellow
Northwestern University 
"Early Detection of Cisplatin-Induced Cochlear Damage Using a Novel High-Frequency DPOAE Paradigm"


Awarded $75,000 each

2010CRG-ShawnGoodmanShawn S. Goodman
Associate Professor, The University of Iowa
"Using High-Frequency Transient-Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions to Monitor Ototoxicity in Pediatric Cancer Patients"

2010CRG-WeiTianWei Tian
Assistant Professor, University of Maryland at College Park
"Randomized Controlled Speech Outcome Study of Two Techniques in Primary Palatal Repair"

Awarded $50,000

2010CRG-JenniferKent-WalshJennifer Kent-Walsh
Associate Professor & FAAST Atlantic Region Assistive Technology Demonstration Center Director, University of Central Florida 
"Teaching Children Who Use AAC to Ask Inverted Yes-No Questions"


Awarded $50,000 each

2009CRG-CatherineBalthazarCatherine H. Balthazar
Associate Professor, Governors State University
"Building Sentence Complexity: An Intervention Study for School-Age Children with Oral and Written Language Disorders"

2009CRG-MonikaKordusMonika Kordus
Postdoctoral Research Scholar, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
"Improving Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aid Performance by Binaural Loudness Adjustments"

Awarded $70,000

2009CRG-JeffSearlJeff Searl
Associate Professor, University of Kansas Medical Center
"Face-to-Face and Telemedicine Group Voice Therapy for Individuals with Parkinson Disease"


Awarded $75,000

Andrea Pittman Andrea Pittman
Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
"Evaluating Advanced Signal Processing in Children with Hearing Loss"

Awarded $50,000 each

Tiffany Johnson Tiffany Johnson
Assistant Professor, University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.
"New Directions in Clinical Applications of Otoacoustic Emissions"

Swathi Kiran Swathi Kiran
Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin
"Semantic Feature Analysis in the Treatment of Lexical Retrieval Deficits in Spanish-English and French-English Bilingual Aphasia" 

Nancy Pearl Solomon Nancy Pearl Solomon
Research Speech Pathologist, Walter Reed Army Medical Center
"Treating Dysphagia in Blast-Injured Patients"


Awarded $15,000

Craig W. Newman
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
"Benefit From, Satisfaction With, and Cost-Effectiveness of Three Different Hearing Aid Technologies"


Awarded $4,000

Lyn S. Turkstra
University of Arizona, Tucson
"Electrodermal Response in Severe Brain Injury"


Awarded $4,000

Laurie S. Eisenberg
University of California, Los Angeles
"Reliability and Sensitivity of Paired Comparisons and Category Rating in Children: A Developmental Study"


Awarded $4,000

Susan Meyers Fosnot
Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles, Los Angeles
"Acquisition of Fluency and Fluency Disorders in Children at Risk to Stutter and Normally Developing Peers"

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