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New Century Scholars Research Grant Recipients

The New Century Scholars Research Grant supports innovative investigations by individuals who are committed to teacher-investigator careers in the university or college academic environment or in external research institutes or laboratories.


Awarded $25,000 each

Kelley_2016_NCSRGElizabeth Spencer Kelley
Assistant Professor
University of Missouri
"Explicit Word Learning of Preschool Children With Specific Language Impairment"

Schvartz-Leyzac_2016_NCSRGKara C. Schvartz-Leyzac
Clinical Instructor/Research Audiologist
University of Michigan
"Effects of Aging on Spectro-Temporal Processing in Speech Among Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients"


Awarded $25,000 each

2015-Arunachalam-NCSRGSudha Arunachalam
Assistant Professor
Boston University
"Verb Processing and Verb Acquisition in Late Talking Toddlers"

2015-Bohland-NCSRGJason W. Bohland
Assistant Professor
Boston University
"The Transcriptional Landscape of Genes Implicated in Speech and Language Disorders"

2015-Brumberg-NCSRGJonathan S. Brumberg
Assistant Professor
University of Kansas
"Evaluating Control of Commercial AAC Devices via Brain-Computer Interface by Individuals With Neuromotor Deficits"

2015-Miller-NCSRGChristi W. Miller
Lecturer/Research and Clinical Audiologist
University of Washington
"Predicting Hearing Aid Success With Spectro-Temporal Modulation Sensitivity"
Support provided by the Wayne and Marilyn Olsen Audiology Research Fund

2015-Wang-NCSRGJun Wang
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas
"Test of a Real-Time Silent Speech Interface With Individuals After Laryngectomy"


Awarded $10,000 each

2014_Lansford_NCSRGKaitlin Lansford
Assistant Professor
Florida State University
"Use of Crowdsourcing to Assess the Ecological Validity of Perceptual Learning Paradigms in Dysarthria"

2014_Sandberg_NCSRGChaleece W. Sandberg
Assistant Professor
Pennsylvania State University
"Graph Theoretical Analysis of Resting State and Task-Based Functional Connectivity in Persons with Aphasia and Age-Matched Neurologically Healthy Adults"


Awarded $10,000 each

2013_Ciucci_NCSRGMichelle Renee Ciucci
Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin, Madison
"Time Course and Pathology of Cranial Sensorimotor Deficits in Parkinson Disease"

2013-Connaghan-NCSRGKathryn Connaghan
Research Scientist
Northeastern University
"Prosodic Categories in Speakers with Dysarthria Due to Cerebral Palsy"

2013_Desjardins_NCSRGJamie Desjardins
Research Assistant Professor
Syracuse University
"The Effect of Hearing Aids on Cognitive Function in Middle-Aged Adults"

2013_Wu_NCSRGYu-Hsiang Wu
Assistant Professor
University of Iowa
"Measuring Listening Effort: Developing Psychometric Functions and Adaptive Testing Procedures for the Dual-Task Paradigm"
New support provided by the Wayne and Marilyn Olsen Audiology Research Fund


Awarded $10,000 each

2012 Guo - NCSRGLing-Yu Guo
Assistant Professor
University at Buffalo
"Acquisition of Tense Markers in English-speaking Children with Cochlear Implants: The Role of Speech Perception and Working Memory"

2012 Hornsby - NCSRGBenjamin Hornsby
Assistant Professor
Vanderbilt University
"Fatigue and Listening: Quantifying the Relationship between Speech Processing and Mental Fatigue"

2012 Stepp - NCSRGCara Stepp
Assistant Professor
Boston University
"Improving the Reliability of Estimates of Voice Relative Fundamental Frequency"


Awarded $10,000 each

2011_BerryJeffrey J. Berry
Assistant Professor, Marquette University
"Speech Adaptation in Dysarthria: Effects of Real Time Articulatory Resynthesis"


2011_JacobsonPeggy Jacobson
Associate Professor, St. John's University 
"Comparing Language Screening Procedures for Children from Diverse Language Backgrounds"

2011_RojasRaul Rojas
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The University of Texas at Dallas
"Bilingual Language Growth in Structured English Immersion and Transitional Bilingual Education Programs"

2011_ZajacDavid Zajac
Associate Professor, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Effects of Feeding Plates on Oral Motor Coordination of Infants with Unrepaired Cleft Palate"


Awarded $10,000

2010NCSRG-RitaPatelRita Patel
Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky
"Clinical Measurement of Spatiotemporal Disturbance of Fine Motor Movements in Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia"


Awarded $10,000 each

2009NCSRG-EdwinMaasEdwin Maas
Research Associate, University of  Arizona
"Feedback and Feedforward Control Mechanisms in Apraxia of Speech"

2009NCSRG-KathleenMcNearney.jpgKathleen McNerney
Research Assistant Professor, University of Buffalo
"Learning Effects and the Sensory Organization Test (SOT): Influence of a Unilateral Peripheral Vestibular Impairment"

2009NCSRG-DianeOgielaDiane Ogiela
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The University of Texas at Dallas
"Syntactic Processing of Agreement Violations by Children with Language Impairment and their Typically Developing Peers:  An Event –Related Potentials Study"

2009NCSRG-BeatePeterBeate Peter
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Washington
"Genetic Substrates of Speech Sound Disorder: Testing Three Novel Hypotheses"

2009NCSRG-LisaPottsLisa Potts
Research Instructor, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
"Measurement of Speech-Evoked Auditory Brainstem Responses in Hearing-Impaired Adults with Different Forms of Amplification"

2009NCSRG-McKaySohlbergMcKay Sohlberg
Associate Professor, University of Oregon
"Reading Comprehension Deficits in People with Acquired Brain Injury"

2009NCSRG-ErinWilsonErin Wilson
Honorary Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"The Development of Chewing:  A Longitudinal Reference Database"



Awarded $10,000 each

Jungmee Lee Jungmee Lee
Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
"Correlation Between Cochlear Tuning and Otoacoustic Emissions: Exploring Scientific and Clinical Implications"

Chang Liu Chang Liu
Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin
"Auditory Processing: Comparing Phonologically Disordered and Typically Developing Children"

John McCarthy John McCarthy
Assistant Professor, Ohio University
"Improving Auditory Scanning Interfaces in AAC Devices"

Valeriy Shafiro Valeriy Shafiro
Assistant Professor, Rush University Medical Center
"Effects of Environmental Sound Training on the Perception of Environmental Sounds and Speech in Cochlear Implant Patients"


Awarded $10,000 each

Jessica A. Barlow Jessica A. Barlow
San Diego State University
"Typological Variation in Phonetic Inventory Development"

Melissa C. Duff Melissa C. Duff
University of Iowa
"Effect of an Impaired Somatic Marker System on the Use of Involvement Strategies
in Communication Following Bilateral Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex Damage"

Liat Seiger-Gerdner Liat Seiger-Gerdner
Lehman College, The City University of New York
"The Effects of Phonologically Related Distractors on Phonological Processing
in Preschool Children"

Mahalakshmi Sivasankar Mahalakshmi Sivasankar
Purdue University
"Characterizing Vocal Fold Collagen with Atomic Force Microscopy: Implications
for Bioimplants and Bioengineered Vocal Folds"


Awarded $10,000 each

Cathy Binger Cathy Binger
University of New Mexico
"The Effects of a Grammar Intervention Program for Children who Require AAC"

Jill E. Preminger Jill E. Preminger
University of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.
"Development and Evaluation of Audiologic Rehabilitation Programming
for Significant Others of Individuals with Hearing Loss"

Geralyn R. Timler Geralyn R. Timler
University of Buffalo
"Clinical Markers of Language Impairment (LI) in Young Children with ADHD"

Nathan V. Wellham Nathan V. Wellham
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
"Proteomic Mapping of the Vocal Fold Extracellular Matrix"

Krista M. Wilkinson Krista M. Wilkinson
Emerson College
"Interdisciplinary Exploration of Visual-Perceptual Processes
in the Design of Aided AAC Symbol Displays"



Awarded $10,000 each

Angela Hein Ciccia Angela Hein Ciccia
Case Western Reserve University
"Behavioral and Neural Network Analysis of Social Information Processing
in Older Adolescents Following Severe Traumatic Brain Injury"

Tracy S. Fitzgerald Tracy S. Fitzgerald
University of Maryland, College Park
"DPOAE Mechanisms and the Estimation of Hearing Loss"

Katherine C. Hustad Katherine C. Hustad
University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Improving Intelligibility in Speakers with Moderate and Severe Dysarthria
through Fundamental Frequency Manipulations"

Gloria Soto Gloria Soto
San Francisco State University
"The Effect of Narrative Intervention on the Stories Told by Children
Who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems"



Awarded $10,000 each

Bharti Katbamna Bharti Katbamna
Western Michigan University
"Assessing the Role of Connexin 43 Gene in Hearing via RNA Interference"

Karla K. McGregor Karla K. McGregor
Northwestern University
"Individual Differences in Children's Use of Social Cues to Aid Word Comprehension"



Awarded $10,000

Swathi Kiran Swathi Kiran
University of Texas at Austin
"Effect of Semantic Complexity on Treatment of Lexical Access Deficits in Aphasia"

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