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Rolland J. Van Hattum Award for Contribution in the Schools Recipients

The Rolland J. Van Hattum Award for Contribution in the Schools recognizes an individual demonstrating exemplary commitment and contribution to service delivery in the schools. This award is supported by the Rolland J. Van Hattum Fund.


Awarded $1,500; school system awarded $500

Rowland_2016_VanHattumKamela Rowland
Speech-Language Pathologist
Little Rock School District
Little Rock, Arkansas

Kamela Rowland is honored for developing and implementing interventions to serve high school students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Written Expression deficits. Specifically, she has applied her comparative analyses studies to develop a Peer Buddy Program to encourage her students to interact with their peers during class, lunch, or school-related activities. In addition to this and other programs, she incorporates a student-driven Social Stories method to address code-switching and executive functioning. Through application of written expression studies, and as documented in testing outcomes, she promotes a team teaching model among her colleagues to improve students' targeted skills.


Awarded $1,000; School system awarded $500

2015-Fleming-VanHattumCarol B. Fleming
Speech-Language Pathologist
Little Rock School District
Little Rock, Arkansas

Carol Fleming is honored for her leadership in school-based advocacy efforts, specifically, the development of a web-based resource called The Speech Pathology Resource Guide©. This tool assists educational speech-language pathologists with documentation of therapy, including compliance, Medicaid, delivery of services, and state department of education requirements. The Guide has increased efficiency, productivity, compliance, and reimbursement for students receiving services for communication disorders.


Awarded $1,000; School system awarded $500

2014_Seals_VanHattumBridget Seals
Speech-Language Pathologist
Jefferson Parish Public School System
Harvey, Louisiana

Bridget Seals is honored for creating a unique and replicable service delivery program, the Communication and Broadcast Program (CAB) for special needs students in a high school setting. This interactive and functional language communication training program, implemented over the past decade, incorporates a multi-media approach utilizing a television news broadcast format with lessons directed by speech-language pathologists and driven by students. Approximately 100 students across 6 schools now participate in this program where they learn measurable skills in a natural environment, enhancing their self-confidence, positive peer relationships and community engagement.


Awarded $1,000; School system awarded $500

2013_Reeves_VanHattumNina Reeves
Fluency Specialist
Frisco Independent School District
McKinney, Texas

Nina Reeves is honored for unique contributions to improving the treatment of children with fluency disorders in the school setting. She has developed an innovative fluency disorders specialist position that integrates expert clinical service with program development and staff education. Applied successfully in several school districts in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, the approach has enhanced clinician competence, improved treatment of children who stutter and established systematic support for families. Reeves' accomplishments are amplified by her collaboration in school-based research projects, her national presentations of education workshops, and her authorship of several books that aim to help school-based clinicians address challenges and increase practical skills and solutions for fluency disorders.


Awarded $1,000; School system awarded $500

2012 Cirrin - VanHattumFrank M. Cirrin
Speech-Language Pathologist and Coordinator
Minneapolis Public Schools
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Frank Cirrin is honored for exemplary clinical service and leadership in the Minneapolis Public Schools. As an advocate, he has provided supervision and transformational mentoring for the 120 speech-language pathologists across the district who serve over 2500 students annually. He has developed innovative programs for service providers and families, particularly for literacy-based intervention and with assistive technology. His work with caseload, service eligibility, and evidence-based practice issues has served as a model for the state of Minnesota. Cirrin's keen ability for creative problem-solving and his dedication to lifelong education has energized and motivated district professionals, bringing best practice models to benefit students with disabilities.


Awarded $1,000; School system awarded $500

2011_SacksStephen Sacks
Speech-Language Pathologist
Central Unified School District
Fresno, California

Stephen Sacks is honored for developing an innovative, multimodality approach to address specific articulation disorders of school-age children. Using the early work of Eugene McDonald and Richard Shine, he developed the Systematic Articulation Training Program Accessing Computers (SATPAC). This intervention is a computer-based approach with a precise, easily implemented methodology that enables students to practice target speech sounds in phonetically favorable contexts. His work, noted for its efficiency and effectiveness in remediating articulation errors, has been adopted by the Fresno district speech-language professionals, and is well-respected across the United States. Sacks' dedication and leadership are helping school-age children make significant gains in their speech-production skills and self-esteem.


Awarded $1,000; School awarded $500

2010VanHattum-PatriciaSchraederPatricia (Trici) B. Schraeder
Faculty Associate
University of Wisconsin–Madison 

Patricia Schrader is honored for providing school speech-language pathologists with innovative, cutting-edge clinical training and pedagogy. As a former school-based speech-language pathologist, she has dedicated her academic career to initiatives supporting systemic change for school-based service delivery. Her leadership efforts encompass development of the professional performance review process for the school-based speech-language pathologist, advocacy for evidenced based practices, collaborative work to create a workload analysis approach to schools caseload standards, and initiation of inclusive service delivery models. Her research, publications, and seminal textbook are embraced by professionals, higher education institutions, and organizations across the country. The ASHFoundation recognizes Ms. Schrader for her unique commitment in serving the spectrum of school-based professionals, school-age students in need of speech-language pathology services, college-age students in training, and clinical instructors.


Awarded $1,000; School awarded $500

Susan J. Brannen Susan J. Brannen
Audiologist and Audiology Department Chair
Monroe 2-Orleans Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES)
Spencerport, New York

Susan Brannen is honored for her accomplishments as a school-based audiologist, and for her exemplary influence on the lives of students, parents, teachers, speech-language pathologists, and audiologists throughout her state and nationwide. Over the past two decades, she founded and developed a full-service clinical, rehabilitative, and educationally-relevant school-based audiology program for a cooperative covering nine component school districts. Under her leadership, the facility incorporated state-of-the-art instrumentation and an environment for comprehensive hearing assessment and management. She infused innovative programs and models of service delivery that extend far beyond those mandated, including hearing conservation and wellness, self-advocacy, and audiology habilitation education programs. Her tireless work and volunteer efforts have influenced regulatory and policy decisions of legislators, funders, and policymakers to benefit students in both general and special education. The ASHFoundation recognizes Brannen for her outstanding skill and dedication in enhancing the communication and learning environments for all students.


Awarded $1,000; School awarded $500

Claudia Dunaway Claudia Dunaway
Lead Clinician, Speech-Language Pathologist
San Diego Unified School District

Claudia Dunaway is honored for creating and sustaining ten unique school service delivery programs, with special recognition for two evidence-based models: The San Diego Analysis Research Project and SALT Lab; and the Articulation Resource Center and Speech Improvement Class. The first project resulted in the development of reliable norms to measure expressive language of students in grades K-3, providing an authentic local baseline measure for assessments of young children. The second project established an intensive, systematic articulation program program for students with single speech sound disorders, within general education-one of the first tiered "response to intervention" programs for speech-language pathologists in the country.

Converting research into practice, Dunaway's replicable models have revolutionized speech-language assessment and intervention in the eighth largest school system in the nation. The ASHFoundation recognizes Ms. Dunaway for her outstanding competency and dedication to best practice solutions for complex school setting issues.


Awarded $1,000; School awarded $500

Joan A. Mele-McCarthy Joan A. Mele-McCarthy

Joan A. Mele-McCarthy is honored for clinical and professional accomplishments that have benefited children in school settings through innovative programming, continuing education, government service, and advocacy. Specifically, she developed an oral language infusion model at The Summit School in the early 1990's, a forerunner of today's integration service delivery models. The three-tiered model for children with language-learning disabilities incorporates training, collaboration, and integration with the goal of linking oral language development to success with reading, written language, and academic content. Students, such as those having dyslexia, processing deficits, and executive dysfunction, showed improvement in these areas within two years, and more than 80% of this school population successfully matriculated in mainstream high schools in surrounding counties. Her replicable work has inspired educators, administrators, and policy makers at the local, state, and national levels. The ASHFoundation commends Mele-McCarthy for encouraging speech-language professionals to broaden and transform their collaborative practice among professionals in special education.


Awarded $1,000; School awarded $500

Barbara J. Conrad Barbara J. Conrad

Barbara J. Conrad is honored for her innovative role in retaining and recruiting speech-language pathologists to work in Ohio's schools. Her leadership was pivotal in the development of the Ohio Master's Network Initiative in Education program, which provides distance learning opportunities for bachelor's level speech-language pathologists and audiologists to complete necessary graduate coursework for employment in school settings. To date, 58 school-based professionals have received Master's degrees and Ohio Board licenses now required for practice in the schools, and 240 students from across the country are presently enrolled in the program. She also secured tuition reimbursement for licensed professionals studying to obtain the educational credential and launched a statewide recruiting campaign for future professionals. The campaign, entitled Don't Miss the Bus: Communication Happens in Schools , features DVD and promotional materials targeting high school and non major college students. The Foundation recognizes Ms. Conrad for providing Ohio with long-term solutions to school personnel shortages in the professions and with a replicable model for other states to follow.


Awarded $1,000; School awarded $500

Sharon Elise Soliday Sharon Elise Soliday

Sharon Soliday is honored for her role in the development and implementation of the 3:1 Service Delivery Model in Portland, Oregon, by which school-based clinicians provide direct service to students for 3 consecutive weeks, with the fourth week used for consultative services with teachers, parents, and for meeting documentation requirements. This creative model addresses issues associated with student achievement, compliance with federal regulations (IDEA and NCLB), and increased workload demands. District clinicians now have more flexibility in serving students, allowing them to integrate speech and language goals with classroom curriculum. The design has addressed equitable distribution of staffing resources, thereby enhancing morale and improving recruitment and retention of personnel. While the model did not require a financial obligation from the school district, it has yielded a revenue increase from Medicaid reimbursement funds as a result of clinician claim submissions filed to meet administrative responsibilities. Ms. Soliday's skill and dedication has resulted in a replicable model for school districts that seek to implement and expand best practices in a current environment of reduced resources.


Awarded $1,000; School awarded $500

Rebecca Kooper

Rebecca Kooper is honored for her leadership in shaping a premier school-based audiology program on Long Island, New York. She has gained widespread recognition for incorporating the most up-to-date technology and techniques into the management of infants and children with hearing loss, particularly in the use of FM systems and cochlear implants. She is equally known for her expertise in auditory processing disorders and for raising the level of awareness and understanding about the needs of children with hearing loss and the ways to maximize their learning and performance in an educational setting. She has an extensive record of contributions to the continuing education of her peers in audiology and education, as well as for students. Her vision, skill, and dedication have resulted in an outstanding model for school districts that seek to implement or expand educational audiology services in the current environment of reduced resources yet high demand for efficiency and quality.


Awarded $1,000; School awarded $500

Georgene Falcone-Johnson

Georgene Falcone-Johnson of the Biloxi Public Schools is recognized for increasing recruitment and retention of best-qualified clinicians in the Mississippi public school setting. She worked directly with state education personnel to address the shortage of qualified speech-language pathologists and equate certification requirements as commensurate with master teaching certification. Through her advocacy, state legislation was passed to provide a pay supplement to ASHA-certified personnel. In addition, her research and database efforts have helped school districts to analyze personnel needs and match solutions. She has been recognized by her colleagues, school district, local government, and professional state association for developing innovative programs, obtaining teacher assistants, decreasing caseload size, reducing paperwork, and for serving as a liaison between speech-language pathologists and the Mississippi Department of Education.


Awarded $1,000; School awarded $500

Susan W. Floyd

Susan W. Floyd, of the Florence County School District #3 in Lake City, South Carolina, studied the impact of phonological awareness skills on reading acquisition, then developed and implemented training and intervention outcomes-based projects. Her diagnostic and therapy initiatives are aligned with academic curriculum and standards. They have helped speech-language pathologists to improve literacy skills in kindergarten, first, and second grade students as indicated on norm-based, criterion-referenced and classroom-based measures. The local school program has evolved into a district-wide collaboration leading to attainment of state-mandated educational standards.


Awarded $1,000; School awarded $500

Catherine J. Crowley

Catherine Crowley, of the United Cerebral Palsy of NYC Manhattan Children's Program and New York City Board of Education, trains bilingual speech-language pathologists to serve culturally and linguistically diverse children. She has developed a model of collaborative services and drafted statewide guidelines, now in final review, for assessments of bilingual children that will make a major change in the system evaluation process.


Awarded $1,000; School awarded $500

Herease Frazier

Herease Frazier is an individual demonstrating exemplary commitment and contribution to the delivery of services in the schools. She has continuously demonstrated outstanding contributions to public school advocacy. She has been an influential force in the development of school service delivery models, school data collection strategies, school-community public relations campaigns, and parent support networks. Her peers call her the "ultimate school advocate" who demonstrates the strength and power of what one individual can accomplish. The Foundation honors Herease Frazier for three decades of dedication to school-based advocacy.


Awarded $1,000; School awarded $500

Linda Bronstein Linda Liss-Bronstein

Linda Liss-Bronstein has established an exemplary model of collaborative intervention in her school. Influenced by research-based curricula, writings and practices, she designed a series of specific programs and strategies to link oral language and literacy to improve student achievement. The target population serviced by these programs is comprised of mandated and non-mandated language minority students in a neighborhood school where the population is approximately 92% Hispanic and 72% from non-English speaking homes.

The innovative programs integrated into classroom settings include: 1.) Literature Circles; 2.) Phonemic Awareness Development; 3.) Student Editorial Board and Magical Mailbox; 4.) Beanie Baby Writing Project; 5.) A Language Experience Approach with Family Knowledge Bases; and 6.) Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking. The Foundation credits Ms. Liss-Bronstein for providing authentic contexts for language and literacy and for empowering teachers and students to acquire skills they need to move the literacy agenda of the school forward.


Awarded $1,000; School awarded $500

Erin C. Dyer


Awarded $1,000, School awarded $500

Diane Eger


Awarded $1,000; School awarded $500

Nancy P. Huffman


Awarded $1,000; School awarded $500

Wilbur D. Goodseal, M.A.


Awarded $1,000

Cheryl DeConde Johnson


Awarded $1,000

Grace O. Williams

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