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Speech Science Research Grant Recipients

Investigators who have earned their doctorate degree within the last 5 years are eligible to compete for the Speech Science Research Grant. The field of doctorate degree is not limited. This grant is supported by the Dennis Klatt Memorial Fund, and is awarded biennially.


Awarded $10,000

Bauerly_2016_SSRGKim R. Bauerly
Assistant Professor
Plattsburgh State University
"The Effects of Emotion on the Acoustic Parameters in Adults Who Stutter"


Awarded $5,000

2014_Moberly_SSRGAaron C. Moberly
Assistant Professor
Ohio State University
"Personalizing Aural Rehabilitation for Adults After Cochlear Implantation"


Awarded $5,000 each

2012 Lansford - SSRGKaitlin Lansford
Assistant Professor
Florida State University
"Perceptual Similarity in Dysarthria and the Implications for Learning"

2012 Mehta - SSRGDaryush Mehta
Assistant Biomedical Engineer
Massachusetts General Hospital
Instructor, Harvard Medical School
Research Associate, Harvard University
"Acoustic Impact of Vocal Fold Vibratory Irregularities in an Ex Vivo Model"


Awarded $5,000

Mary K. Fagan Mary K. Fagan
Indiana University School of Medicine
"Vocalization and Sound Exploration in Hearing, Deaf, and Cochlear-Implanted Infants"


Awarded $4,000

Rajka Smiljanic
Northwestern University
"Effect of Clear Speech on Production and Perception of Croatian Rhythm"


Awarded $5,000

Lori L. Holt
Carnegie Mellon University
"An Investigation of the Perceptual and Learning Influences on Phonetic Category Formation"


Awarded $5,000

Amy T. Neal
Purdue University
"The Use of Formant Movement Detail in Vowel Identification"


Awarded $5,000

Michael S. Vitevitch, Indiana University, Bloomington Michael S. Vitevitch
Indiana University, Bloomington
"Lexical and Sublexical Processing of Spoken Words in Adult Users of Cochlear Implants"


Awarded $4,000

Helen M. Hanson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Acoustic Correlates of Vocal-Fold Vibratory Patterns"


Awarded $2,000

Kathleen Ellen Cummings
Georgia Institute of Technology
"Three Dimensional Modelling of Speech Production"


Awarded $2,000

Yingyong Qi
University of Arizona, Tucson
"Developing a Method for Tracking Voicing Irregularities"

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